Placenta Services

What Is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is the process of turning a woman’s placenta into capsules that are reported to help prevent postpartum depression, enhance lactation, and balance the hormones. The process is based on practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The placenta is cleaned, steamed, dried, powdered, and encapsulated for the mother’s use during the postpartum period. Research supports the use of placenta as a postpartum nutritional supplement.


Why Do It?

The placenta is the organ that nourishes your baby for nine months in the womb, and it is rich in nutrients and hormones that are essential to a healthy and balanced pregnancy and postpartum.  Placenta encapsulation offers mothers the opportunity to put this sacred object to use, and utilize it to benefit herself and her baby.  Women who have chosen to ingest placenta pills report improved mood and a faster recovery time after delivering their baby.  The process has traditionally been used to enhance lactation, speed recovery, balance hormones, beat the baby blues, and increase energy.  Any remaining pills can be stored and used during later period of stress or transition, such as PMS or menopause.


How Does the Process Work?

You provide the placenta and we provide the encapsulation service, which leaves you with 100-150 placenta pills and dosage instructions.  The encapsulation process takes place in our dedicated placenta facility, or if you prefer, it can occur in your home.  General guidelines for storage of a fresh placenta include up to four hours at room temperature, 48 hours refrigerated, and indefinite frozen storage.

  • If you would like it done in our facility, we will pickup the placenta from your birthplace within the first 1-2 days after the baby's birth.  We will deliver your completed capsules to you within approximately 72 hours after being notified of the birth.



  • If you would like it done in your home, we will need approximately four feet of counter space, a burner on your stove, and your full kitchen sink.  We bring all other necessary equipment and supplies with us, and we sanitize all work surfaces in your kitchen after completing the encapsulation.  The process is done within the first few days after your birth,  during two visits to your home, usually both visits occurring on the same day.

If you're unsure about which location you would prefer, it may be helpful to read the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts' publication, "Where Can You Have Your Placenta Encapsulated?"


What If I Live Outside Mesa County?

There are a variety of options for arranging your encapsulation if you live outside of Mesa County in Western Colorado. 

  • We can come to your home to complete the encapsulation, with an added travel fee to cover our gas expense and drive time.  You can find the travel fees listed by city on the Travel Fee page in our shop

  • We can pickup the placenta from you at your location, and return the finished capsules to you via expedited shipping. The travel fee still applies but return shipping is included free of charge. 

  • You can have someone deliver the placenta to us in Grand Junction, with no associated travel fee, and we will return the finished capsules to you via expedited shipping, free of charge. 

  • We can also meet you halfway between your location and Grand Junction for a reduced travel fee. 


Please contact us at (970) 589-1415 to discuss a customized option for completing your encapsulation outside of Mesa County.


Why Should I Trust My Placenta to TRB?

All TRB encapsulators have been trained by Placenta Benefits, which is the oldest and largest training organization for placenta encapsulation in the United States. TRB encapsulators follow protocols for blood-borne pathogens set forth by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, and the International Federation of Infection Control. TRB is the only placenta encapsulation provider in Mesa County with:

  • A dedicated placenta preparation facility.

  • A team of multiple certified, full-time encapsulators ready to meet your needs 365 days a year.

  • 12 years of combined experience between our encapsulators.


Other Placenta Services:


Keepsake Placenta Prints

In many cultures, the imagery of the placenta is referred to as the ‘Tree of Life,’because you can see the trunk, branches, leaves and roots.  You will be able to treasure your baby’s own ‘Tree of Life’ with this keepsake for years to come, as it’s created on acid-free archival quality paper and stored in a vinyl sleeve for safekeeping.


Keepsake Umbilical Cord 

Your baby’s umbilical cord is a symbol of the irreplaceable connection between you two.  You will receive the cord, dried and shaped into a heart or spiral, and placed into a breathable keepsake pouch.


Keepsake Placenta Pendants

Your placenta powder is encased on the front of a vintage wooden checker piece, and transformed into a handcrafted pendant. For the mother whose placenta is encased in the pendant, it’s a memento, a keepsake, and a visceral reminder of her connection to her child. 


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