We Went Viral on Facebook!

In January, TRB doula Laurel Carpenter captured this image of a client giving birth at St. Mary's Hospital. The mom requested to have her baby placed skin-to-skin on her chest immediately after delivery, and her fantastic care team supported the idea 100%.Since many families don't realize that this is even an option, we added some text to the image and sent it out into the world on February 4. We never anticipated what would happen next!

Within just a few hours, it had reached several thousand views, and was being shared all over the world. In the last 3 weeks, the image has been viewed by more than 30,000 Facebook users, shared hundreds of times, and has comments in languages such as Malay, Finnish, Hungarian, and many more. It's been downloaded and re-posted on popular birthing pages.

There are many options to shape a cesarean delivery to fit the mother's desires and goals. At this beautiful birth, midwife Janet Grant, obstetrician Traci Simms,doula Laurel Carpenter, and a wonderful nursing team advocated for this mom to have her preferences honored. This mom also used HypnobabiesⓇ Childbirth Hypnosis to manage her relaxation and comfort, after studying the system in our class series with instructor Miranda Richardson.

Are you hoping for a family-friendly cesarean delivery? Find out how a TRC doula can help you accomplish your birthing goals, even when there's an unexpected circumstance or a change of plans. Call (970) 773-5805 or book an interview online.

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